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Westbeth Theatre Center/Arnold Engelman, Producing Director


BBC America's DEADFUNNY Live Comedy Series Present





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Based on the February 27 through March 30, 2002 run at The Westbeth


Light Design - Josh Monroe

Sound - Gregory Kostroff

Artwork - Alfredo Troche, Funk 101

Tour Manager - Simon Gresswell

Management - PBJ Management, Caroline Chignell

Publicity - Jacksina Company




If you have never experienced the extensive and oft-used space of Westbeth, BEWILDERNESS will mark your last opportunity to do so.  After twenty-five years of producing innovative works, Westbeth is shutting down the Bank Street performance space.  Now, the creative team that produced theater and ran one as well will be moving on in order to concentrate on their first love, producing.  So, though Westbeth Theatre Center will cease to house performance, the creativity of the WTC will be alive and well on West 17 St.




Bill Bailey’s BEWILDERNESS is a mixed media event.  Part stand-up comedy, part live musical revue, but entirely amusing, Bailey and his BEWILDERNESS stand as a sweet send-off for Westbeth Theatre Center, which closes its doors at the end of this show’s run.  In a two-act sweep that is full of ribald observations, barely-true anecdotes, kooky sound effects and musical tributes, Bill Bailey makes it clear that he has come from the UK to spread some cheer.


On guitar, he spoofs both Billy Bragg and Bryan Adams with like-inspired musical creations that Bailey performs solo, and with energetic grace.  Truly hilarious, too, is an electric keyboard creation sampling soundbites of W talking about the Taliban.  These moments resulted in sustained, extensive laughter, but were but a mere sampling of the assortment of tickling taunts and teasers offered by the very funny Bill Bailey.


Like any comedian with a live crowd, Bailey engages the audience on a variety of topics including nationality, and the variance of marijuana laws around the world, and from region to region in Australia.  As part of the general text of the evening, he touches on myriad subjects ranging from a comparative view of American and British citizens in the context of political expectations, to more mundane matters.


For a good laugh, BEWILDERNESS and Bill Bailey are heartily recommended.


- Kessa De Santis -


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