Barkingdove productions


Chicks With Dicks

Written and Directed by Trista Baldwin


Based on the April 4 - May 24, 2003 run at The Kraine Theatre

Stage Managed by Heather Drastal

Fight Direction by Peter Katona

Set and Props Design by Renee Chao

Costume Design by Jessica Gaffney

Lighting Design by Jennifer Linn Wilcox

Sound Design and Graphics by Dean Snell

Original Music by James Harrell and Ilyana Kadushin

Press Representation by Spin Cycle



(in order of appearance)

DIRTY DAISY - Mary Monahan

GIGI - Christie Anderson

PEPPER - Carrie Haugh

"EVERYMAN" - Ean Sheehy

CHANTALLE - Cheyenne Casebier

VARLA - Polly Humphreys

DIXIE - llyana Kadushin

JOE - Ken Matthews

KITTEN - Leslie Klug

VESPA - Tara Gibson

CINDI Tami Dixon


The show is called CHICKS WITH DICKS, and while it is a wild and raunchy spoof of the kind of biker chick flicks that made Russ Meyer a player, it is not exactly the odd aesthetic experience that the title implies. A prime example of satire, the two-act play starts well, climbs to a raucous climax, but then loses the stream of steam somewhere amid the cluttered denouement.

Essentially the tale of the good-girl prom queen runner up gone bad when her date sets her on a mad, murderous frenzy, leading both to his death and her reign as head of the notorious Satanís Cherries biker gang, CHICKS WITH DICKS contains all of the campy and lascivious elements that will keep all sorts of audience-members enticed. Our hero, whose odd behavior and eventual growth of a male sex organ from her forehead is ostensibly attributed to her childhood homeís proximity to the nuclear power plant, fights the local rivals, and tries to save a former neighbor. When intervention goes awry, things become really psychedelic and otherworldly, making it clear that only a new kind of hero will be able to set things aright.

With plenty of fighting, hair pulling, tight clothes and erotic dancing, CHICKS WITH DICKS contains all of the essential elements. If it falls short in the end, I doubt that this matters much to the target audience.

- Kessa De Santis -

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