Cherry Lane Theatre

Angelina Fiordellisi, Artistic Director

Mari Nakachi – Lucy Anda – Meg Staunton





Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf (L-R).  Photo: Richard Termine.


Cherry Lane Theatre, 38 Commerce St., NYC, October 20 - December 12,  2004



Scenic Design DAVID KORINS

Costume Design JENNY MANNIS

Lighting Design MATT RICHARDS

Sound Design ERIC SHIM

Original Music ROBERT MILLER

Production Stage Manager DYANNE McNAMARA



Alison – Carolyn McCormick

Liza – Sabrina Le Beauf

EVE-OLUTION is a co-authored, autobiographical piece about motherhood and the illusory modern ideal that women not only should want it all, but can have it all for the asking. Drawn from the experiences of gifted writers Hilary Illick and Jennifer Krier, this is the kind of collaboration that could and should be a big hit on the busy, upwardly mobile parent circuit, if these parents, or any others, still have time to go to the theater, that is!Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf (L-R).  Photo: Richard Termine.

I came to EVE-OLUTION having barely glanced at the press releases on my desk and in my laptop inbox. To think, from sheer negligence, I could have missed this very impressive production. I suppose my own frenetic schedule, minus multiple offspring, is one of the reasons I related so well to the two women we meet through a series of compatible monologues. The main reasons I connected with EVE-OLUTION, however, are my two nephews, both under 5, who have made me more than slightly aware Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf (L-R).  Photo: Richard Termine.that parental duties are never done.

Praise voiced, I must point out that this production is more glorified lecture series than fully-forged play. The two women, very well played by Carolyn McCormick and Sabrina Le Beauf, recount details of their experiences directly to the audience. There are sets, scene changes, and all of the production values the stage can offer, but the two characters never interact until the curtain call. This, I feel, will be wholly irrelevant to EVE-OLUTION’s target audience.

Not the way I generally judge the quality of theater, I will say that I went home and told my sister, that working mother of two young sons, that she would love EVE-OLUTION. I recounted scenes to her that reminded me of the daily interactions she has with her children. I told her to tell her parent friends. Now, I am telling you…

- Kessa De Santis -

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