August 8 – 24, 2003



Anonymous Allies



Written and Performed by PAT CANDARAS


Ground Floor Theatre

312 W. 11 St. (Bet. Hudson & Greenwich)

Tickets: (212) 279-4488, (888) FringeNYC or


8/9 @ 10:45 PM, 8/12 @ 7 PM, 8/13 @ 3 PM

8/14 @ 5:30 PM, 8/17 @12:15 PM

8/21 @ 5:30 PM, 8/23 @ 10 PM


Directed by RUSTY OWEN

Stage Manager DARCY J. CONROY



Pat Candaras would not have known that her entry in this year’s Fringe Festival, PANIC IS NOT A DISORDER, while waxing humorously on her on her own neuroses, exacerbated in a post-9/11 New York City, would also prove to be prophetic.

As Ms. Candaras, also known affectionately as Grandmotherfucker, made jabs at the state of homeland security and the efficacy of purchasing duct tape and plastic (8/12 performance), how could she have known that within a mere two days her observations about the country’s lack o preparedness would become globally recognizable in the form of the Black Out of 2003. So, she may just have something here. In a day where we rely on computers, lights, refrigeration, and bright overhead lighting, and when the mere touch of a button can wreak havoc, is it okay to say that PANIC IS NOT A DISORDER, and to mean it?

Pat has a point. Ashcroft has us eyeing the masses for suspicious persons. We are kept busy with orders to stockpile tape and plastic. Does anyone really have confidence in the ability of the authorities to protect us, let along to act in our best interests? Just look at California, and any seasoned New Yorker, regardless of upbringing, will shout Oy Vey without batting an eye.

Digression aside, PANIC IS NOT A DISORDER, and creator/performer Pat Candaras are quite funny. In fact, with some timely updates added, this installment of Ms. Candaras’ stand-up can still be best described by my own impressions of her 2002 GRANDMOTHERFUCKER (below). My advice? See her. You will realize how very normal we all are!

She was a hit at the 2001 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Now Pat Candaras has come home to the Big Apple to delight audiences with her particular brand of observational comedy in a show that’s all her own, GRANDMOTHERFUCKER.

Full of revelations about her life as one of seventeen children, as one of a woman who has wed twice, had three children, become a grandmother, and through it all kept a sense of humor as well as a libido, Ms. Candaras’ show is packed with the sort of self-deprecating, if humorous observations that characterize much of successful stand-up comedy. The big shift here, really, is the author of our evening. Not your usual suspect out there on the comedy circuit, especially with the sort of material the title GRANDMOTHERFUCKER inherently implies, Pat Candaras comes across like your average, neurotic New Yorker.

Like most folks these days, she throws in the now gallows humor about the 9/11 aftermath, with the requisite jokes about reporting suspicious folks, and the like. That is not the focus of this event, however. It really is Ms. Candaras’ opportunity to convey her observations about authority, life, dating and parenthood based on her own lifetime of hands-on experience.

Quite a delight to her captive audience, I should expect Pat Candaras and GRANDMOTHERFUCKER to do well. She is, after all, stand-up that’s all grown up.

- Kessa De Santis -

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