Mirage Theatre Company and Animated Theaterworks



by Charles Morgan




Based on the April 1 – May 11, 2003 run at Theatre 3


Directed by Miranda d' Ancona

Set Design - Jerry Browning

Lighting Design - John Michael Deegan

Costume Design - Elly van Horne

Original Music - Jonathan Faiman

Stage Managers - D.C. Rosenberg & Geraldine Teagarden

Press Representative - Origlio Public Relations



(in order of appearance)

Commander Henry Carr - Davis Hall

Denham - Michael Bastock

Lt. Commander Peter Brissing - Steve Groff

Commander Edward Ferrers - L.J. Ganser

Lt. Commander Richard Sandford - Cameron Francis

Lady Helston - Glynis Bell

Rear Adm. Sir George Helston - Scott Glascock

The Right Hon. Walter Harowby - Stephen Bradbury

Karen Selby - Jennifer Dorr White

Flag Capt. Winter - Robert Sonderskov

Think of the thing that you are most passionate about, imagine that your passion has become your profession, and then consider that the safety of the free world may depend upon how well you do your job. Replace your own love with the love of complex mathematics, your own surroundings with those of an experimental military unit on the island of St. Hilary in1938, and your own sensibilities of today's dangers with the looming threat of a second great war, and you will eventually feel your way to THE FLASHING STREAM.

Essentially a drawing room costume drama, this work is too timely to be a period piece. It may be set in a different era, but it resonates. As the characters scramble to perfect a new weapon that destroys enemy craft through mathematically calculated vibration detectors, one may well imagine the smart bombs of today. As personal interests cloud professional and military progress, and as innuendo and jealousy lend themselves to the plot development, the audience finds itself faced with a complex set of characters rather than a complex set of calculations.

In the foreground are Commander Ferrers, a man and mathematician obsessed with completing his mission, and his newest recruit, an expert named Karen Selby. As the only civilian and the only woman in the unit, her inclusion is, initially, against Ferrers’ base wishes. He comes to rely on her standing and her work, and an unconsummated romance soon buds. Eventually, as problems with technology arise and deadlines loom, Karen’s significance becomes more personal, as she may very well need to secure Ferrers’ emotional stability more than his professional reputation.

Probably not the subject matter that piques the interest of all, this intelligent offering by Charles Morgan is given a stylish production under the tutelage of Mirage Theatre Company and Animated Theaterworks. Considered a timely revival for the New York stage given the current global climate, 1938's THE FLASHING STREAM is a poignant addition to the off-Broadway circuit.

- Kessa De Santis -

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