Written, Produced and Performed by AMBER LEIGH MARTIN



The Greenwich Village Center Theater, 219 Sullivan St., NYC, September 8 – 24, 2005




Stage Manager GREGG BELLON

Press Representative SPIN CYCLE

HI! is an hour long musical adventure helmed by Portland-based solo artist Amber Martin. Sort of a travelogue of musical genres coupled with humorous forays into visually distinctive character studies, this performance piece is non-stop and inspired by everyone from Sheena Easton to Satan.

Martin transforms herself rather deftly with a series of costume, hair and make-up changes that have been incorporated into the onstage action. These aspects are the frosting – the extra touches that enable the humor. At the core of HI!, however, is Amber Martin’s genuine ability to belt out a tune and serve up the satire at the same time. Whether playing a country music devotee, an aging rocker, a bible thumper or a jaded lounge singer, Martin hits all of the right notes while zoning in on the comic details.

HI! is the sort of show that is probably best enjoyed when shared with a packed audience that is ready to laugh out loud. It needs that communal sense of the silly to make full impact. It is also a show that contains a lot of subtle humor in addition to the sight gags and obvious jokes, and is most recommended for a savvy, slightly cynical crowd that thinks outside the punch-line box.

- Kessa De Santis -

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