Rattlestick Playwrights Theater


David Van Asselt, Artistic Director – Sandra Coudert, Managing Director



Written and Performed by BILL BOWERS

Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, 224 Waverly Place, NYC


August 30 through October 8, 2006


Developed and Directed by MARTHA BANTA

Scenic Design JOHN McDERMOTT


Lighting Design ED McCARTHY

Sound Design JILL BC Du BOFF

Production Stage Manager STEVE HENRY

Press Representative O&M ORIGLIO/MIRAMONTEZ CO.

Bill Bowers’ aptly titled solo performance, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING, is a 75-minute glimpse into the life and career of the author. Beginning with his childhood in Montana, following his career as an actor and a mime, and revealing some personal tragedies and tribulations along the way. The piece is engaging and entertaining from start to finish.

Right from the opening of IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING, when Bill Bowers follows a short sequence of pantomimed scenes with the announcement, "I’m a mime," we know that we are in for something different. Not only is he a mime who speaks, but one who has some interesting things to say. Recounting his youth, including some interactions with a drama teacher, his jobs as a performer that have brought him from the highway to Broadway, and the opportunity to study with Marcel Marceau, Bowers’ life comes across as one well lived. The set, lighting and direction only aid the journey. The set is spare, with Mr. Bowers flipping a pad with title pages as the story progresses to a poignant, silent finale.

Mr. Bowers is a charming storyteller. Of course, he is relating events from his own life, but as crafted, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING speaks to an audience, even when the performer uses silence to convey his message. What makes the show go down so easy is Bill Bowers’ positivity. Unlike some solo pieces, this one never steps into the arena of, "poor me, look at all of the things I have had to overcome." On the contrary, even when heartbreaking events, like the death of a friend, are being recalled, Mr. Bowers approach is lighthearted and utterly down to earth. Recommended!

- Kessa De Santis -

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