PS 122 and the New York City Players



Written and Directed by RICHARD MAXWELL


P.S. 122

150 First Avenue

Tickets: (212) 477.5288 or


August 30 through September 22, 2002


Songs by Richard Maxwell

Producing Director for New York City Players - Barbara Hogue

Production Stage Manager - Neal Wilkinson

Lighting Designer - Jane Cox

Costumes - Tory Vazquez

Set Designer - Gary Wilmes



Mick Diflo, Brian Mendes, Matthew Stadelmann

Gene Wynne, and Richard Zhuravenko



Bob Feldman, Scott Sherratt and Corby Stutzman


In typical Richard Maxwell style, JOE is a unique event that features deadpan delivery and a hearty dose of live music.  A tale of one man’s life-long journey, we get to know Joe through the persistent details that follow him through life.


We meet Joe at six stages of life.  A stream of five actors of increasing age, and one “special guest” who portrays a Joe of the future, appear in black sneakers and familiar clothes, and sing and speak the pertinent details of one man’s life.


My best advice about JOE --- If you like Richard Maxwell, I think you will have a great time.


- Kessa De Santis -