JOHN WALLOWITCH, His Piano, His Songs
              JOHN WALLOWITCH, His Piano, His Songs

                       Danny Skylight Room
      342 West 46th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Avenues)
                          (212) 265-8133
          7/11 @ 7 PM, 7/16 @ 9:15 PM, 7/26th @ 9:30 PM
8/2 @ 9:30 PM, 8/8 @ 7 PM, 8/15 @ 7 PM, 8/23 @ 9:30 PM, 8/30 @ 9:30 PM

JOHN WALLOWITCH, one of New York's undeniable treasures,
returns to Danny's Skylight Room in July and August.  The
Songwriter Supreme (over 2000 and counting) has created an intimate
evening with "His Piano, His Songs."  You'll feel like you've made
a new friend before the evening is over, albeit a very witty friend with
a droll sense of humor and a sharp biting mastery of sarcasm.
Whether toasting June Allyson, bemoaning the misuse of the English
language, extolling the attributes of dykes, or introducing a new
Japanese superstar, the laughs are plentiful.  Wallowitch's delivery
and timing are perfection.  And songs like "Mary's Bar" and
"Taking Things For Granted" will catch you by surprise and pluck
at your heartstrings.  Make the most of some of your moments (as he
urges in "This Moment"), and go see John Wallowitch.  It's a
present to yourself.
You can also catch him on his bi-weekly cable show, John's Cabaret,
which airs Tuesdays at 7:30 PM on Channel 56.  His CD,
"Wallowitch and Ross," has been released on the Miranda Music
label ( and is available online at or from Tower Records, Footlight Records,
Hollywood Sheet Music, and Dress Circle in London.
                    - Laurie Lawson -