Studio 42

Alison Albeck, Producer




Creator and Performer BRADFORD LOUYRK


Klytaemnestra, Electra, The Fury, Medea and Phedre


Directed by Jennifer Wineman


December, 2001



Barely a year old, theater company Studio 42 begins it’s second year with a reinvestigation of some timeless, poignant and shocking women from the annals of Greek tragedy.  This one performer piece, created by Bradford Louryk, is aptly titled, KLYTAEMNESTRA’S UNMENTIONABLES.  In it, Louryk evokes a quintet of unsettling, often murderous, and quite infamous ladies of lore.  He does this in an entirely lip-synched five-scene swoop that only breaks as he goes off-stage to change dress.  At the breaks, the action continues with voice-over film footage of Louryk practicing and discussing drag.


Mr. Louryk slips convincingly into the girlie garb of Electra, the ensemble of a wild Fury, and Medea’s sensible bob.  No mere drag act this, the audience is privy to onstage moments of Louryk’s wig and make-up changes, allowing for an appreciation of just how much of a difference a different hairstyle can make.  Once in the appropriate garb, he is vicious as Klytaemnestra, and wild as The Fury.  Electra is a Cinderella princess, and, well, you get the idea.


If you are looking for a different kind of theater experience, one that is creative, well-executed, and inspired, think Bradford Louryk, Studio 42 and KLYTAEMNESTRA’S UNMENTIONABLES.  In a multi-media, fully lip-synched performance, delivered with precision, Louryk creates five powerful female characters.  I will certainly remember them.


- Kessa De Santis -


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