The AUDAX theatre group presents



Altered Stages

212 W. 29 St.

Tickets: (212) 206-1515 or Smart Tix

Information: Audax Theatre


November 2 through 23, 2002


Directed by SAM ROBERTS

Costume Designer SARAH LAMBERT

Lighting Designer GRAHAM KINDRED

Set Designer BRAD HELM

Press Representative ORIGLIO PR


The Cast

Robert McKay as Mr. Simon

Michael Hogan as Jeremy

Heather Raffo as Maria

Scott Duffy as Max

Alexa Zee as Sabrina


Do you refer to all of your friends as "guy" and live for vacation? Do you live to run marathons? Are you so rich that you donít need to work? Is your significant other so rich that you donít need to work? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will feel right at home in the peculiar universe of Daniel Robertsí LAST DAY.


In this new comedy, two couples travel to a Caribbean resort to enjoy a week in paradise. Couple number one, Jeremy and Maria, works hard to afford a little luxury. Jeremy is vacation-mad, and vehemently unwilling to live in the real world, despite Mariaís desire for a settled life. At the resort Jeremy yearns for the acceptance of Mr. Simon, the host, making his desire to remain more than blatantly obvious to all around. Max and Sabrina, on the other hand, have money to burn and like to party. For them, every day is a vacation, and they do not relate to Jeremyís fixation.


An odd little piece, featuring characters who seem to reside within worlds all their own, even to the point of speaking in a language best described as anti-hyperbole, rather than addressing situations specifically, LAST DAY is about one manís inability to go back home following the last day of vacation. If that sounds quirky, it is. It is also often witty and funny.

Need a vacation from your reality? Spend this LAST DAY with the Audax Theatre Group.

- Kessa De Santis -