A Juggernaut Theatre Co-Production
   A Short Tragedy about a Counter-Transferential Transference
                         by JAVIER DAULTE
                  Translated by RODRIGO CAMERON
                   Directed by GWYNN MacDONALD

                  ROD CAMERON     NICOLE HALMOS
                  RALPH POCHODA      PABLO RIBOT

                Lighting Designer: JONATHON FUCHS
                    Photography: CATHY CAPLAN

                  Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex
      312 West 36th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Avenues)
   (212) 279-4200 or
          07/16 @ 9:50 PM; 07/22 @ 9:45 PM; 07/25 @ 6 PM
                 07/30 @ 7:50 PM; 08/02 @ 9:05 PM

Award-Winner Playwright Javier Daulte's play, CRIMINAL (A
Short Tragedy about a Counter-Transferential Transference),
pokes fun at Argentina's national obsession with psychotherapy.  It
seems this country has the highest ratio of analyst to citizen in the
world.  What a hilarious romp through a profession that often takes
itself too seriously this is!  Spunky and neurotic Diana (Nicole
Halmos) and her pathological liar husband (Pablo Ribot) are seeing
separate therapists (Ralph Pochoda, Rod Cameron).  Both easily
admit their shortcomings, and the analysis flows and bounces off
disparate personalities.   As both doctors and patients struggle to free
themselves from each other, while dodging in and out of transferred
relationships, drastic measures are taken to at last end psychoanalysis. 
It would be CRIMINAL to miss this one; this is a very funny and
clever play.
Criminal is a part of The Fourth Annual Midtown International
Theatre Festival.  For more information, go to
                         - Laurie Lawson -

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