Fourth Midtown International Theatre Festival presents

               Written and Performed by LIBBY SKALA
                  Assisted by CAROL KIRSHNASWAMI
                Lighting and Sound: JONATHAN FUCHS
         Publicity: TIMOTHY HASKELL, Publicity Outfitters

                The Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex
      312 West 36th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Avenues)
             (212) 279-4200 or
          07/17 @ 9:10 PM; 07/26 @ 3:10 PM; 07/31 @ 4 PM
EXTENDED: August 21 - 30, 2003

Had Lilia Skala remained in her native Vienna, she would have been
well remembered as the first female architect in Austria, as well as a
stage star in Max Reinhardt's theater.  She managed to escape when
Hitler invaded the country and ended up in a New York zipper
factory.  With resilience and perseverance admirable in any country,
she was appearing on a Broadway stage within two years.  And that
was only the beginning.  Her 30+ year career garnered nominations
in theatre, film, and television.  Perhaps her most coveted were the 
Oscar/Golden Globe nominations as Mother Superior opposite Sidney
Poitier in "Lilies of the Field."  In LILIA! this indomitable force is
brought to life by her granddaughter, Libby Skala, an accomplished
actress herself.  From a thumb-sucking child to an elderly patron of
a nursing home, Skala takes on the roles of herself and her
grandmother.  The special relationship is laced with humor, courage,
pride, and lots of love.  LILIA! is a moving and well-executed tribute
to a fascinating individual.
Lilia! is a part of the Fourth Annual Midtown International Theatre
Festival.  For more information, go to
                      - Laurie Lawson -  

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