MACK THE KNIFE...The Life and Music of BOBBY DARIN
                  Splish Splash Productions, LLC
                          MACK THE KNIFE
                The Life and Music of BOBBY DARIN
               Co-Writer & Director: CHAZ ESPOSITO
      Co-Writer, Arrangements & Musical Director: JIM HADDON


          CHAZ ESPOSITO                   LARRY FRENOCK

                   Set Design: MARTIN MARCHITTO
              Lighting and Sound Design: JOHN PAPPAS
                 Multimedia Design: KIM CLOUTMAN
               Press Representation: KPM ASSOCIATES
              Production Stage Manager: JOHN PAPPAS
Previews begin June 11, 2003; Opens June 22, 2003, Theatre at St. Peter's Church, 619 Lexington Avenue @ 54th Street

It started in 1959 with "Splish Splash" and ended all too soon in 
1973 with the death of BOBBY DARIN.  The multi-talented Darin
managed to cram a lot of living and music in his 37-year life,
including writing and performing hits songs ("Dream Lover,"
"Beyond The Sea," "Things," "Mack The Knife" and many more),
receiving awards (1959 Record of the Year and Best New Artist
Grammy), hosting his own television variety show, starring  at
nightclubs around the country, appearing in 13 motion pictures, and
receiving the coveted nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  Leaving
an indelible print on the music industry, he was inducted into the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and the Songwriters Hall of
Fame in 1999.
In MACK THE KNIFE...The Life and Music of Bobby Darin, the
American idol is brought back on stage by Chaz Esposito.  In
reasonable facsimile, he presents the songs that made Darin one of
the most popular singers ever.  He has the performance style down
pat.  In tribute to Darin, the smoothness and engaging cockiness can't
be duplicated but Esposito, in a high-spirited presentation, sure does
manage to bring back a flood of memories.  Backed by a nine-piece
band, the music is reminiscent of the 1960's.  Larry Frenock
narrates, giving a brief biography enhanced by video appearances
from Steven Blauner, Darin's manager, and Wayne Newton, who
attributes the beginning of his career to Darin.  MACK THE
KNIFE...The Life and Times of Bobby Darin is an impressive
homage to a man whose memory lives on and on, as well as a fun way
to spend a couple of hours.
                     - Laurie Lawson -