Wednesday Repertory Company



a night of original one act plays


Roy Arias Payan Theatre, 300 W. 43rd Street at 8th Avenue,  5th Floor, NYC

May 5 - May 15, 2011


Artistic Director BRUCE ORNSTEIN

Stage Manager/Lighting DAVID ALAN COMSTOCK


Wednesday Repertory Company

Nicole Banchevska, Daniel Barkin, Lucia Bellini, Matthew Dunehoo

 Jasmin Gabrielle, Whitney Harris, Mike Ivers, Dirk Keyser, Keli Laing Amanda Brook Lerner, Eden Marryshow, Darya Mars

Mia Mountain, Jeremy Pacshall, Vincent Quintiliani, Annelise Rains

Paul David Sibblies, Shane Tunney, Anwar Uddin,  Nathaniel Wade Jesse Wakeman, Brooke L. Williams and Dan Lane Williams


Whole Foods by Daniel Barkin with Eden Marryshow and Darya Mars -  Photo: Dan Lane Williams

Wednesday Repertory Company (Wed Rep Co), founded in 2010, is presenting its second annual showcase, PAY AS YOU EXIT through May 15. The event features an evening of nine original short plays that range in tone and content from the dark and violent to the sexually charged and the comedic, but all of which seek to explore relationships in everyday settings. Fast-paced and diverse, the evening offers a glimpse into the Companyís range of talent.

Among the specific topics broached, PAY AS YOU EXIT touches upon sexual experimentation (Two 5ís Donít Make A 10 by Mike Ivers), mafia intrigue (How Do You Feel? By Bruce Ornstein) and the magic of tarot cards (Three Of Smokes by Matthew Dunehoo), among other subjects, like theft, blackmail, violence and role play. Taken as a whole, the evening offers the Company an opportunity to showcase a varied group of writing, directing and acting skills, and the audience a window into things to come.

Fans of the one act as well as those who enjoy plays with an eye more toward the unconventional than the traditional will find something in this program. Though not all hits, the plays of PAY AS YOU EXIT deliver as advertised, and live up to the Companyís mission statement declaration that the primary goal, "is to share our passion and love for the theatre with our audience, as we confront the human condition in todayís world."

- Kessa De Santis -

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