Tom Noonan


The Paradise Theatre Company




Written and Directed by JAY DiPIETRO


The Paradise Theatre

64 E. 4 St.


Tickets: (212) 206.1515 or

Information: Tom Noonan


September 5 through 29,  and November 14 through December 8, 2002


Featuring JAY DiPIETRO as Peter and MONIQUE VUKOVIC as Vandy


Scenic Design by KENDALL PIGG

Lighting Design by JENNIFER BRAINSKY

Costumes by SHARON ROSEN

Production Stage Manager ANA MARI de QUESADA



For the very first time, the Paradise Theatre Company is producing a play that was penned by an author other than company founder Tom Noonan.  The work chosen for this notable occasion takes a modern, perhaps unconventional look at love through the lens of time.  This episodic portrayal of a young couple’s relationship, entitled PETER AND VANDY, weaves an intricate tapestry, and is Mr. DiPietro’s first full-length play.


PETER AND VANDY is a non-linear series of carefully constructed vignettes that offer the audience enough detail to develop a snapshot of this relationship as it develops, unravels, and perhaps, bounces back, while never presenting a formal beginning and end.  While superficially a tale of these two lovers, what Mr. DiPietro is really portraying here are the more global truths about life, love and relationships.  He explores the details; like the way couples learn to manipulate one another and push buttons, and the way they develop a language unto themselves, rather than hitting us with the big picture.


PETER AND VANDY is full of the muted humor and quiet details of real life.  As the characters move through time, their enthusiasm ebbs and flows, as does their love.  These changes are nicely, subtly reflected in the performances of both Jay DiPietro and Monique Vukovic.  One never doubts for a moment that these could be real people.


Tom Noonan founded the Paradise Theatre in 1983, and in the years since has garnered a reputation for producing independent new works with potential and of quality.  Jay DiPietro’s PETER AND VANDY is no exception.  It is bare bones theater the way it was meant to be.


- Kessa De Santis -