T. Schreiber Studio Presents

Prelude to a Kiss


Craig Lucas
Directed by Glenn Krutoff


T. Schreiber Studio

151 W. 26 St., 7th Floor

Reservations: (212) 741-0265


November 7 - December 8, 2002


Lighting Design JOE SAINT

Costume Design EDEN MILLER



Gene Fanning, Rachel Feldman, Lawrence Garello
A.J. Handegard, Elizabeth A. Hayes, Eric Hottinger
Eric Ilijevich, John Lisanti, Laura Martin, Andrea Marshall-Money
Kurt Michaels, Heidi Philipsen, Tania Santiago, Peter Sloan

In this spirited revival, the cast has a lot of fun with the material, even incorporating their mirth into the scene changes. A relatively well-known piece, owing to the screen adaptation of the same name, PRELUDE TO A KISS is a tale of wish fulfillment, love and regret.

Although the very finale lacks dramatic impact, the action leading up to it is fast-paced and appropriate to the subject matter. A seemingly simple story of a couple that meets at a party, falls in love, and weds within weeks, that part of the play is a mere prelude to the real action. For, PRELUDE TO A KISS is really about a curious switching of souls, and the unspoken desires within us. It is about the difference between what we perceive to be real and the truth. Ultimately, it is about the simple dreams and desires of human beings.

Heading up the cast as the young couple are A.J. Handegard as Peter and Rachel Feldman as Rita. They are good, but the real, seasoned comedy can be attributed to the Elizabeth A. Hayes and John Lisanti as Rita’s parents. They add the subtlety and nuance the script needs to combat the simplistic supernatural aspects of the plot.

If you have never seen PRELUDE TO A KISS, the production currently mounted at T. Schreiber Studio is a good chance to get a perky first look.

- Kessa De Santis -