ROB SUTTON:  Taking The Wheel
ROB SUTTON: Taking The Wheel
Musical Director: STEVEN RAY WATKINS

Based on the June 3 - 5, 2003 performances at DON'T TELL MAMA

"Taking The Wheel" is ROB SUTTON'S debut cabaret show, and after experiencing this talented performer, you're going to wonder
what took him so long to hit the Don't Tell Mama stage.  Under the capable hand of Director Lennie Watts, he presents a diversified
program full of passionate songs, comedy, and anecdotes fresh out of Arkansas and off the streets of New York.
In a strong melodious voice almost too big for the room, he hilariously introduces you to his
home state ("Arkansas"), poignantly shows you his "True Colors," and spurs you on with a beautiful rendition of "Late For Your Life." 
A highlight of the evening is the whirlwind "Manilow Megamix," a rollicking tribute enhanced by the piano mastery of Musical Director
Steven Ray Watkins and Sound/Lighting Wizard Shawn Moniger.

Go see Rob Sutton, and get in on the start of something big.  If this is his debut show, we can't wait to see what the future holds for this
- Laurie Lawson -
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