Choreography by Henning Rübsam


Reviewed October, 2001



Elena Demianenko - Christopher Hadlock - Erika Pujic

Samuel Roberts - Leajato Amara Robinson

Henning Rübsam - Jocelyn Tobias




Brahms DOUBLE CONCERTO (2001, Premiere)

(Suite from) BE GOOD! (2000), Jazz Violin recordings by Stephane Grappelli

ADDICTED (2001), Music - Pierre J.’s Addicted to the Rhythm


Rehearsal Director: Erika Pujic

Lighting Design: Jeremy Palmer

Costumes, BE GOOD!: Edward Sylvia

Press Representative: Audrey Ross, Audrey Ross Publicity

Videography: DAJA DANCE VIDEO "They shoot dancers...don't they"

Director Arts Program/University Settlement: Guillermo Brown

Technical Coordinator/University Settlement: Emma Rivera

Stage Manager/Sound Board Operator: Shu-Wen Yang

SENSEDANCE’s current program runs the gamut in terms of dance, choreography, music and costume.  From simple dancewear to stylish yet functional flapper dresses to hot pants, from Brahms and Gershwin to DJ Pierre J, from a modern spin on the classic pas de deux, to a rave techo-dance finale, this hour and a half production covers a lot of ground.

The first selection, a premiere of Brahms "Double Concerto," is presented in three movements.    Parts I and III, performed by the company, contain many partnered, difficult moves that require comprehensive dance skills of the participants.  Limited to no one style of dance, but incorporating a near handful, the varied talents of the dancers are evident and required.

In quiet contrast to the sometimes-overwhelming choreography bookending it, Part II, Andante, features a male pas de deux performed by Henning Rübsam and Christopher Hadlock.  Rather traditional in form and execution, the same-sex spin on an undisputed hallmark of classic dance is just one example of choreographer Rübsam’s skillful blend of the traditional and the next generation.

In a more retrospective vein comes “Be Good!” which, as a tribute to jazz violinist Stephane Grappelli, is an overall ode to jazz.  Here, the women are clad as flappers, the men also in 1920's style, as they glide through the six movements of the suite.  Cute, stylish, and generally fun, “Be Good!” feels like an homage to good times.

The final number, “Addicted,” feels like watching the waning moments of a rave.  With the men wearing the barest of hot pants, and the women scarcely more than that, the music and the dancers pound away as the lights flicker and the energy rises.  It’s a real jolt to go out on.


- Kessa De Santis -


Divine Dancers