MARIANNE CHALLIS
                      SEX, LIES & VOCALISES
            ...confessions of a middle-aged party girl

        Musical Director & Arranger - CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE
                     Director - SCOTT BARNES
                       Bass - DICK SARPOLA

                      Danny's Skylight Room
      346 West 46th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Avenues)
                 (212) 265-8130 or (212) 265-8133
          2003: 09/26, 09/29, 10/03 & 10/06   All Shows at 7 PM

Middle age has never been such fun!  MARIANNE CHALLIS'
"Sex, Lies & Vocalises...confessions of a middle-aged party girl"
highlights the considerable and versatile talents of this veteran
performer/singing teacher.  From a poignant "Wanting You/Wishing
I Could Forget You" to a hilarious "Getting In Touch With My Inner
Bitch," she coos, she belts, she laughs in the middle of a song if she
finds something funny (and there's much to be found as Challis is a
sublime comedienne).  And after you've finished laughing, she and 
Pianist Supreme Christopher Marlowe break into what they term
"Adult Cabaret" - songs that will rip your heart out with emotion
("Autumn Leaves/When October Goes").  And then it's back to
comedy with Caribbean Music and a few penguin stories to boot! 
Sex, Lies & Vocalises is a roller coaster ride with the reins in the
capable hands of the gifted Marianne Challis.  You'll be glad you
were a part of the trip.
                         - Laurie Lawson -

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