COURTNEY MORRIS: So Far, So Good
                      Director: LENNIE WATTS
                 Musical Director: STEVEN WATKINS

                           MAMA ROSE'S
         219 Second Avenue (between 13th & 14th Streets)
                          (212) 533-0588
      2003: 09/22 @ 7 PM; 09/25 @ 7 PM; 09/28 @ 4 PM; 10/01 @ 7 PM

In COURTNEY MORRIS'  "So Far, So Good" she belts her heart
out and sells the song with a personality that demands you have fun. 
The voice is powerful, and at times a touch too loud, but this crowd
pleaser has you in the palm of her hand before she sings a note.  Her
performance is high energy, and her patter genuine and amusing. 
Songs like "I'm Not My Mother," "Painting My Kitchen,"  and
"Broadway Boogie Woogie" highlight her mastery of comedy; and
her diversity is apparent in the country-western version of "Heads
Carolina, Tails California" and a medley of  60's songs.  The title
"So Far, So Good" is an apt description of her debut cabaret effort. 
I look forward to hearing more from Courtney Morris.
And check out Mama Rose's.  The converted brownstone is a comfy,
spacious room with a great sound system and professional lighting. 
Definitely worth a visit or two.  Click on the link above to find out
what's happening at New York City's newest cabaret venue.
                        - Laurie Lawson -

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