Nedelnik Presents


Gymnastic Stars on Broadway: A Dramatic Fusion of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet

Artistic Director/Choreographer NESHKA ROBEVA


Exclusive North American Appearance at City Center, New York City


November 23 - 25, 2001

Performance Reviewed: November 23



Jessica Howard

Zarina Hristova or Elena Vitrichenko

Ivaylo Ivanov

Dessislau Mihaylov


TWIN KINGDOMS is an energetic, eye-popping fairy tale featuring artistic precision, the blended spectacle of rhythmic gymnastics, ballet and folk dance, loud music, black light and many phosphorescent costumes.  Truly dance for a new generation; the non-stop program is high-energy and technically impressive.  The only unfortunate aspect here is that, as there was no program for the performance, no credit can be given to any of the dozens of artists involved with the production, save the dancers and choreographer listed above.


Perhaps too flashy at times, TWIN KINGDOMS does have great theatricality.  Given that the press notes inform us, and which the performance leaves no doubt of, that the athletes have collectively earned more than 247 World, Olympic and European Championship medals, I suppose a touch of prideful braggadocio is warranted.  Among the impressive list of awardees are U.S. gymnast Jessica Howard in what is credited as a “special appearance.”


The women are given more notable gymnastic feats here, as the men do most of the folk dancing selections.  An unlikely blending of styles, there is cohesion in the piece, as choreographer Robeva never loses sight of the fantastical tale being related here.  While the athletes perform their parts, travelling between the “real” world, and another “enchanted” one populated by dragons and nymphs, they seem to comfortably inhabit every detail, every motion, and every aspect of the show.  The only drawback is in a lighting design that is often to dark, relying heavily on the ample day-glo outfits, and a sound design that leans toward being too loud.


Truly an ambitious artist to be reckoned with, keep an eye out for the next Neshka Robeva creation.


- Kessa De Santis -


U.S. Press Representative: Audrey Ross


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