Linda S. Nelson & Patricia R. Klausner Co-Artistic Directors


by Alexander Dinelaris

Directed by Stewart M. Schulman & Alexander Dinelaris

Based on the November 15 - December 14, 2002 run at Don't Tell Mama

Set Design Tema Levine
Lighting Design Shawn Moninger
Costume Consultant Wade Leboissonniere
Stage Manager Margo Hopkins
Publicity Laura Davis, Publicist at Large

The Pieces

Spin Cycle 1

Playing Ball

Glenna, Garry, Glen & Rose

Spin Cycle 2

Harry’s Girl

Blind Date

Spin Cycle 3


Green Light

Spin Cycle 4

My Day

Spin Cycle 5



Mary Cross, William Franke, Andrea Gallo, Brian Munn
Linda Nelson, Andrew Salomon, Darcie Siciliano, Gerry Vermillion

If you are looking for some unabashedly and verbally bold entertainment that is funny and off-the-wall, but oddly socially poignant, add THE CHAOS THEORIES to your short list of shows to see this month.

Have you been pondering the reemergence of Alf? Does your subconscious say all the right things while you languish, tongue-tied? Are you afraid to bring dates home to meet your family? Have you just had a really bad day? Are you in search of your fifteen minutes of fame? Well then, THE CHAOS THEORIES is offering a scene of two that is sure to quench your thirst for sort of validation that can only come from watching your own particular predicament dramatized by some seasoned, spunky actors.

The "Spin Cycle" scenes bring us full circle, in a theme of crime and punishment, and fame and infamy. In between, there are some very witty moments. Particularly notable for pure power in performance are Linda S. Nelson (HARRY’S GIRL, GREEN LIGHT) and Andrea Gallo, most notably in MY DAY. For guilty pleasure, add GLENNA, GARRY… and BLIND DATE. The one piece that just did not cut it, as it did not quite fit and felt too contrived, even for this show, was FORGIVEN. However, for real entertainment, consider the whole evening.

CHAOS THEORIES is a lot of fun and full of laughs. Enjoy!

- Kessa De Santis -

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