NaCl Theatre

In co-production with

Cleveland Public Theatre and Number Eleven Theatre



Created, Performed and Written by TANNIS KOWALCHUK and KER WELLS


HERE Arts Center, 145 Sixth Ave., NYC, February 2 - 20, 2005


Created, Directed and Written by RAYMOND BOBGAN

Lighting Design TRAD BURNS and STEVE MACK

Costumes by the ensemble and HOLLY HOLSINGER


There is a quirky show called THE CONFESSIONS OF PUNCH AND JUDY at HERE in New York City, and it is not at all what I would have expected. This comedic romp is actually rather deeper than the surface antics suggest, elevating the popular puppet show from mere entertainment to the meat of modern mythology, or at least to commentary on the state of interpersonal relationships.

The production is awash in primary colors. Red, blue and yellow punctuate the costumes, sets and props. Judy is red, Punch is blue, and anything may happen when these two butt heads. They engage in the expected, "bam, bam, bam!" repartee we associate with Punch and Judy, but THE CONFESSIONS OF PUNCH AND JUDY is rather cerebral under the covers. In one notable scene, Punch recounts the temptation story from the Judeo-Christian bible using two hammers (Punch and Judy) and an electrical cord (the serpent). In yet another, our duo tells dual versions of an older myth of the Greco-Roman era. In between, they sing and dance and fight and step outside of themselves to resolve an intense argument.

Creator/performers Ker Wells (Punch) and Tannis Kowalchuk (Judy) are a formidable duo. Joined by co-creator and director Raymond Bobgan, this THE CONFESSIONS OF PUNCH AND JUDY becomes every bit of the non-stop emotional and physical maelstrom that the show is meant to be. I, for one, was heartily entertained.

Kessa De Santis -

If you live outside the NYC area, THE CONFESSIONS OF PUNCH AND JUDY may be coming to a location near you. It is currently scheduled to run at:

Theatre Centre in Toronto, April 2005

The Eastern Front Festival in Halifax, May 2005

The Network of Ensemble Theatres Festival, June 2005

Dell’Arte Mad River Festival in California, July 2005


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