The mAdHoUsE in Mantua
                FEED THE HERD THEATRE COMPANY presents

                       The mAdHoUsE in Mantua
                     (or Romeo's Magical Dream)
                 Created by and Starring KEVIN KAINE
                     with ERIC MICHAEL KOCHMER

                    Words by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE
                   Prison Design by FEED THE HERD
               Cell and Instrument Design by TOM LEE
    Lights and Sound Engineered by BRIAN SNAPP & IAN TABATCHNICK
         based on an existing lighting design by ARON DEYO

                     The Trilogy Annex Theatre
      341 West 44th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Avenues)
              (212) 501-2282 or
      Opens October 20, Playing Fridays and Saturdays @ 8 PM

What would become of poor Romeo if forced to continue living
without his Juliet? This is the premise that Conceiver/Director Kevin
Kaine puts forth in The mAdHoUsE in Mantua. Kaine gives a
focused and intense performance as the tortured Romeo, supported by
Eric Michael Kochmer as the Orderly and Tybalt. Romeo has been
placed in a mental institution where hopefully he can be rehabilitated
enough to return to society and his family. Three months later Romeo
is still bemoaning the loss of his love. He rants; he raves; he
administers self punishment. He even envies the flies that feast on
Juliet's dead body. Garbling time and reality, he survives until at last
even his fantasies desert him.

An interesting concept and one that is sure to delight Shakespeare
enthusiasts, as well as those willing to embrace a different
perspective. What does one do with their love when the loved one
departs? If Feed The Herd Theatre Company's goals are to feed
ideas and speak directly to the audience, then The mAdHoUsE In
Mantua may very well have succeeded. 

                        - Laurie Lawson - 

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