Ars Nova

Jon Steingart – Jenny Wiener – Jason Eagan



Created by and Starring TANYA GAGNÉ & ADRIENNE TRUSCOTT,



Ars Nova, May 12 – June 26, 2004


Directed by TRIP CULLMAN

Scenic Design LEIKO FUSEYA

Costume Design ALEJO VIETTI




Stage Manager HEATHER BOE


The wonderful WAU WAU SISTERS have come to the stages, ceilings and corners of Ars Nova to roost for a while, and they are not afraid of making the most of it. In a show filled with lesbian schoolgirl burlesque, sisterly love expressed country song style, "biographical" film, shadow stripping, kick ass rock and roll, and some genuinely dazzling aerial feats, there is a little something here for every comer that enters with an open mind and the need to laugh aloud.

I knew I was in for something delicious when the show opened with two "Catholic" schoolgirls doing an acrobatic and lesbian-laced striptease to the song "Sister Christian." Things went in a slightly different direction with a country duet, and it would be spoiling the fun to describe their rendition of "Tiptoe Through the Tulips," but as you may imagine, the SISTERS program is a variety show of a most eccentric sort. Okay, so the Wau Wau film chronicling their legendary conception/birth/meeting did not thrill me, feeling more like filler. Plus, though amazingly skillful, the non-stop gymnastics seemed, at times, just too repetitive, if impressive. Yet, THE WAU WAU SISTERS are something to watch, for when they get it right, there is just no denying that this dynamic duo are something spectacular to watch.

That Tanya Gagné and Adrienne Truscott, the brains, beauty and brawn that are Wau Wau, are a talented pair is beyond debate. Musicians, dancers, trapeze artists and more, the real dazzle to their game is that they add just the right dose of theatricality to make what they do stick out. Dressed in some very fun costumes (Alejo Vietti), and directed (Trip Cullman) so that there is no downtime to be had, THE WAU WAU SISTERS hit fast, hard and with such a sense of wit infused into all other aspects of their performance that there is always something to enjoy beyond the obvious.

So, THE WAU WAU SISTERS, during their run at Ars Nova, and wherever beyond that the days take them, are an act that must be seen to be believed. Fun, naughty, a little bit raunchy, but all around entertaining, these industrious ladies could be either a decadent treat or a guilty pleasure. However you take them, enjoy.

- Kessa De Santis -

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