Double Helix Theatre Company

Elissa Lash, Artistic Director    Jason Woodruff, Managing Director



Donna Paradise



Based on the November 2 through 23, 2002 run at Phil Bosakowski Theatre


Double Helix Theatre Company



Directed by ROB O’NEILL

Set and Costume Designer MEGANNE GEORGE

Lighting and Sound Designer RYCHARD CURTISS



DONNA PARADISE is a new, semi-comedic and deliberately psychological play that explores the effects of perception, memory, trust and fidelity on interpersonal relationships. In the beginning, fact and fiction run parallel courses here, but when those paths run amok, and overlap, the action begins.


Centered on one couple, Donna and Hunter, and their issues with communication, Matthew Wells’ script quickly blossoms into a stylized sort of psychodrama. There are flashbacks, alternate outcomes of specific interactions, as well as "current" scenes portrayed throughout the piece to accentuate the importance of not only perception, but also of expectation and response. Seemingly happy, Donna and Hunter’s relationship becomes suspect when the spectre of infidelity is raised by a third party with motivations of her own. Here, perception and mistrust take hold, changing the equation, and dragging us into the familiarly murky waters of the cheating spouse. Although it is approached a bit differently here, at the core, this is about the possibility/belief/innuendo that one or both partners may be cheating.


Slickly presented, coolly acted, and portrayed with a deliberate nod to academic inspiration DONNA PARADISE is a most modern love story.


- Kessa De Santis -


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