Cabaret at Don't Tell Mama! - Georga Osborne's SUMMER IN THE ATTIC





                                             Director: LENNIE WATTS

                                           Musical Director: STEVEN RAY WATKINS


                                                                Don=t Tell Mama

                                   343 West 46th Street (between Eighth & Ninth Avenues)

                                                                  (212) 757-0788


                                    10/27 @ 5:30 PM; 10/29 @ 8:30 PM; 11/14 @ 8 PM

                                    11/17 @ 5:30 PM; 11/22 @ 7 PM; 11/24 @ 5:30 PM



Take a wild and wacky singer/comedienne with MAC and Bistro Awards under her belt (Georga Osborne); add a director who likes to push the entertainment envelope (Lennie Watts) and the considerable talents of a piano-playing musical director (Steven Ray Watkins) and what have you got?  One hell of a show with the unlikely title ASUMMER IN THE ATTIC (Some=re Not).


GEORGA OSBORNE is back and gracing the stage at Don=t Tell Mama in October and November.  Accompanying Osborne is her warped sense of humor, her Kentucky heritage complete with family photos,  and her impressive soprano voice.  There=s a AMy Fair Lady@ medley country-western style, an Elvis impersonation, and a ALa Nueva Collecion de Musica Latina@ from another world to keep the laughter level constant and high.  And lest you forget that this lady is a singer, she=ll blow you away with her rendition of AFalling In Love With Love,@ resplendent with ranges worthy of any operatic endeavor.  SUMMER IN THE ATTIC (Some=re Not) is a fun show full of seasoned talent, creative comedy, and delightful surprises.


- Laurie Lawson -