Written and Performed by JULIANA FRANCIS
  Directed by ANNE BOGART
GO GO GO is a performance piece created by Juliana Francis.
Using live performance, video, music and voice-overs,
Ms. Francis explores the relationship between sexual abuse and the sex industry.
This is an in-your-face, loud, disquieting piece, as befits the subject matter.
Ms. Francis adopts many personas in the course of the performance,
but emanates the most power when she performs as a topless go go dancer,
involving the audience in the production.
The technology utilized in this piece serves multiple functions.
The looping video segments are suggestive of pornographic loops,
and also offer the performer an opportunity to change costumes,
which she does often in this work.
There is a segment of voice-over material in which
"The Incest Survivor's Aftereffects Checklist" (by E. Sue Blume)
goes on, almost tediously.
While the list seems incessant, 
this endless quality enforces the point that the effects of sexual abuse are seemingly countless.
Fans of performance art, 
and of innovative, powerful theater will appreciate the work that Juliana Francis does in GO GO GO.
Kessa De Santis, 1996
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