LAURIE KRAUZ & The Daryl Kojak Trio
LAURIE KRAUZ & The Daryl Kojak Trio

Musical Director/Piano: DARYL KOJAK
Reviewed at: Chez Suzette 675 Ninth Avenue (between 46th & 47th Streets)

Not much can take the chill out of a winter evening and make you
forget that you're sitting on a wobbly barstool, even though you had
a dinner reservation, watching other people being given the tables you
were promised.  LAURIE KRAUZ & THE DARYL KOJAK TRIO are so good 
that we endured the uncomfortable setting for over an hour just so we 
could experience their magic sounds.  Krauz's smooth, made-for-jazz
voice has the range and versatility of a fully-staffed choir/orchestra 
(the lady can scat so well you're looking around to determine what 
instrument made that sound), and Kojak turns any piano into a symphony.  
Together they are incredible, transforming standards like "My Foolish Heart," 
"Cry Me A River," and "Love Is Here To Stay" into true works of art.
Some Kojak originals are included in the program, my favorite being "Right 
Angle."  Accompanied by Sean Conly on bass and Dwayne "Cook" Broadnax on 
drums, Krauz & Kojak are what jazz is all about, bringing to fruition a 
songwriter's inspiration and passion.
My advice: avoid Chez Suzette at all costs.  Track down LAURIE
KRAUZ & THE DARYL KOJAK TRIO (a calendar is on the website above) and 
treat yourself to an evening of perfected jazz.  If you can't wait until 
their next gig, there's a CD, "Catch Me If You Can," available at
 - Laurie Lawson -