The Manhattan Prairie Dogs

In the beginning there were dance teams, and they were good.

Then came the MANHATTAN PRAIRIE DOGS and they are fabulous!

Hailing from points all over the U.S., the Prairie Dogs are a mixture of country/western, Broadway, Bob Mackie and Liza Minnelli.

Attitude Magazine says they are, "Too fabulous for their own hometowns!"

Great choreography, great costumes and some mighty fine cocktails make the
Prairie Dogs fun, unorthodox and surprising.

When asked about joining the MANHATTAN PRAIRIE DOGS, the newest members said,
"We don't look at it as a commitment, we consider it a lifestyle!"


The Prairie Dogs, were hailed by Attitudes (7/00) for "...a welcome blast of faggotry..."

And, ELJ's Kessa De Santis has added, "Hail, hail The Prairie Dog Cheerleaders... these darkening days, we all need an excuse to slap on those pleated skirts and shout out 'Ya-Hoo!', even those of us who can't dance."



In the Autumn of 2003 THE MANHATTAN PRAIRIE DOGS Visited San Francisco's Castro District

In honor of this auspicious occasion, ELJ presents




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