OOBR Awards 2003

(information and details courtesy of Judd Hollander and www.oobr.com)

Oobr ("the off-off-broadway review"), the only publication devoted exclusively to reviewing the Off-Off-Broadway theatre scene, will present the Ninth Annual OOBR Awards at the Minetta Lane Theatre, located at 18 Minetta Lane, one block east of West 3rd Street, just off Avenue of the Americas, on Monday September 8th beginning at 7pm.

Honoring the best of Off-Off-Broadway's 2002-2003 season, this year's 18 winners were chosen by the oobr staff from among the 261 eligible productions the publication reviewed last season.

"Off-Off-Broadway is the lifeblood of the theatre," said John Chatterton, editor and publisher of oobr.  "It's where theatre begins and where the stars and hits of tomorrow take shape.  And it's a privilege to honor some of the best and brightest from that sector."

This year's festivities will mark the first-ever three-time oobr winner in a single season, with the Prospect Theatre Company picking up prizes for its productions of Dido (& Aeneas), Spring Awakening, and The Taxi Cabaret. 

In addition, each year oobr presents a Special Achievement Award to a person or group who goes above and beyond the call of duty in service to Off-Off-Broadway.  This year's winner is the on-line publication nytheatre.com, which last year undertook the staggering job of reviewing every single show in the New York International Fringe Festival - and then repeated the trick for this year's Fringe Festival as well!

A complete list of 2003 OOBR Award-winners follows:

Antony & Cleopatra
(Presented by Danse Macabre Theatrics in association with Horse Trade Theater Group)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/sixteen/cleo.htm

A Clockwork Orange
(Presented by Godlight Theatre Company)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/thirteen/1019Clockwork.htm

Deep in the Jeeps of Georgia
(Presented by Bon Bock Productions)
Review at:  www.oobr.com/top/volNine/thirtyfour/0608deep.htm

Dido (& Aeneas)
(Presented by Prospect Theater Company)
Review at:  www.oobr.com/top/volNine/twentysix/0301Dido.htm

(Presented by Vital Theatre Company)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/twelve/1006funny.htm

I Am At My Best When I Am Singing Very Quietly
(Presented by And How! Theater Company)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/four/best.htm

I Forgot To Breathe
(Presented By Paula Plessas and Ann Robideaux)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/twentyfour/breathe.htm

Members of the Tribe
(Presented by Act Out Productions)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/eighteen/tribe.htm

A Perfect Relationship
(Presented by TOSOS II** in association with Out Professionals)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/thirtyone/0427perfect.htm

Prince Hal
(Presented by Animated Theatreworks)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/twentyeight/0329hal.htm

The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd
(Presented by Musicals Tonight!)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/twenty/1222greasepaint.htm

(Presented by Hudson Exploited Theater Company)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/five/Rubber.htm

A Soldier's Death
(Presented by 13th Street Rep)
Review at:  www.oobr.com/top/volNine/seventeen/0111Soldier.htm

Spring Awakening
(Presented by Prospect Theater Company)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/seventeen/SpringAwakening.htm

The Taxi Cabaret
(Presented by Prospect Theater Company)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/nineteen/TaxiCabaret.htm

Unnatural Acts
(Presented by The Urban Rock Project)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/thirtythree/0518acts.htm

What the F**k?
(Presented by TOSOS II)
Review at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/thirteen/WhattheF.htm

New York Classical Theatre for their productions of Twelfth Night and
The Taming of the Shrew
Reviews at: www.oobr.com/top/volNine/three/0629twelfth.htm &


The handing out of the awards will be interspersed with live entertainment with all performances coming from Off-Off-Broadway productions, of course. 

The doors to the Minetta Lane will open at approximately 6:30pm on September 8th with a start time of 7pm.   Tickets are $22.00    Reservations: 646-207-2926 or email to awards@oobr.com.

Food, wine and soft drinks will be available after the award ceremony.  Catering is by Katz's Delicatessen.